Monday, September 10, 2007

Responses to the look of Creatina Ferraris in her LIVING CLOUD (01)

Once, I had a nice conversation with some guys ...

[8:39] Creatina: hi chicks

[8:39] X: Hi Fluffy

[8:39] Creatina: i am Creatina

[8:39] X: lol

[8:39] O: Are you a ghost ?

[8:39] Creatina: no

[8:39] X: Boo

[8:39] Creatina: i am an avatar in its home

[8:40] A: yes when queen put her place here i could just tp to her lm i set

[8:40] Creatina: this is my house

[8:40] O: Strange home !

[8:40] Creatina: i take it with me

[8:40] X: Thats cool

[8:40] Creatina: it has anything i need

[8:40] A: lol

[8:40] Creatina: do you live here?

[8:40] O: You have a bed in it ?

[8:40] X: I'd never be lost again

[8:40] X: lol

[8:40] Creatina: sure

[8:41] Creatina: bed, kitchen, bathroom, jacuzzi

[8:41] A: lol you can never get locked out...

[8:41] Creatina: right!

[8:41] O: It seems very little !

[8:41] Creatina: no it is enough for me

[8:41] Creatina: i am little as well

[8:42] O: May i enter ?

[8:42] X: brb i have to put sock on Jcat

[8:42] Creatina: try!

[8:42] A: k

[8:42] A: there ya go

[8:42] O: I see you better !

[8:42] Creatina: hui

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