Thursday, July 18, 2013

Music Video for Anton Swords 'The Air' is out now!

Firstly, I was very proud that Anton asked me, if I wanna do a music video for one of his songs. That was March 2012.

He offered me two songs to choose from. I decided for one of his greatest pop songs 'The Air' and through all this process of work when I listened to each sequence repetitively, I loved it more and more (although I expected it to be the opposite).

The concept was clear quite early ... but there are always thousands of ways to proceed ...
I just wanna say, I had great fun, thinking of (and trying out) all these experimental recordings, where visual shapes morph into new ones while time passes by.

And now, I am very proud to show the result to You. Enjoy and get hypnotized:

MEYLENSTEIN: Anton Sword - The Air from MEYLENSTEIN on Vimeo.


Music, Lyrics, Recording by Anton Sword.
Music performed by Anton Sword, Kristofer Widholm, and Chris Wilson.
DOWNLOAD the song 'The Air' at 
Copyright 2012 Anton Sword/Fugue State Music and MEYLENSTEIN. All Rights Reserved.